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Emergency Funding


Justice Base’s mission is to promote the rule of law and human rights in Myanmar and is seeking emergency funding to respond to the ongoing military coup.

Following the take-over of the government by the Myanmar Military on 1 February 2021 over 1000 political leaders, activists and protesters have been arrested.  Dozens of protesters have been killed. The number of arrests grows daily as a civil disobedience movement and street protests continue across the country. Student leaders and human rights activists have gone into hiding. Journalists and independent media outlets—already operating under substantial threat of prosecution—legitimately fear further pressure, censorship and arrest. 


Justice Base would like your support for immediate emergency action to support the crucial work of protecting human rights and those who work to defend them:

  • to monitor and document the arrests, detention and prosecutions of people arrested. Justice Base has extensive experience of trial monitoring and case tracking in the criminal justice system in Myanmar.  We will monitor whether the people arrested are being treated in accordance with fair trial standards under Myanmar law as well as international human rights law; and we will document any abuses;

  • to provide targeted legal training to lawyers representing the people arrested.  We will provide training on key fair trial standards: right to bail/remand hearings, presumption of innocence, burden & standard of proof, challenging undue delay, accessing case documents, framing of charges and sentencing.  This training will be aimed at improving the capacity of lawyers to defend their clients effectively.

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You can support our work by donating via Charities Aid Foundation:

  • enter “Justice Base” into the search bar; 

  • click on ‘donate’ next to Justice Base in the search results; and 

  • make a donation using your debit or credit card or via PayPal (UK taxpayers can claim Gift Aid ).  


Please give what you can.